Dying Light 2 EASTER EGG Hoverboard YOU CAN RIDE! Easter Egg Location & Walkthrough
Like most video games with an open world, Dying Light 2 is proud to hide one or two Easter eggs so that the players can find them and enjoy. One of these, of course, is Hoverboard type of vehicle, which also comes with mini-game and Gold medal in order to just learn to ride it. Get to him, however, not quite a walk in the park. Unfortunately, this is associated with several long-term tests.

how to find a hoverboard

  • Unlock the Central Loop region by performing the main story quest. Come on Waltz .
  • Go to Church of the Holy Apostle Foma on the island of St. Paul.
  • Enter the church and access the bottom of the temple. South Bell Tower .
  • Take a cable Find in an electrical box, and then use forests to climb upstairs.
  • Opposite the Military Aerodrome, Attach the cable to the wall box.
  • Climb to the bell tower Using yellow protrusions and pole outside the room.
  • Enter the room from the radio and to interact with it . Wait for the end of the conversation, after which the first hoverboard will appear to the left of you.
  • Taking a hoverboard, you will need to use your exitful flair To track down two other hoverboard. Both are around dirty lands Square.
  • Use your worst flavor to find the latest hoverboard in Blue car trunk . Taking it, you will start the Parkur Test on the Hoverboard.

How to get a secret parkour

Unfortunately, learn to ride a hoverboard – not the simplest thing in the world, and you will need several training races before it becomes the second nature. The most unpleasant here, of course, is that you can not use the hoverboard outside Parkura What does that mean you will need to make all your energy to go through the course.

The task consists of 23 of the circle , all of which must be entered during a certain time to task. To win gold, you need pass the course for 1: 10 . For silver is 1:30, and for bronze – 2:30. Be sure to make a few moves to hone your skills before going for gold.

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