_ ELDENRING _ has a large selection of secrets that you can enjoy happy through the countries and find in the experience. Between the fighting against bosses you can try to uncover one of the many great secrets of the game. Regardless of whether you have two hands in your hand or not, you will definitely unleash the true power on your enemies on your hunt for these secrets. Such a mystery that the players have wondered are the White FootsTeps on the Beach in eldenring. This editorial informs you about what they are and how they can hold them around on the banks of the area.

Where can I find the white traces in Elden Ring?

How To Stop The White Sand Beetle In Elden Ring

To find the white tracks, you have to go to the “coastal caves”, where the sea beats quietly against the rocks. You then have to go to the beach and you will find this near the Western grace “The First Step”.

When they are on the beach, their eyes are attracted to the blinding white lights, which are clearly visible on the beach. When you approach you, make a sound and start to run away / go from you. The sound varies depending on how far they are from the steps away. There are a few white lights in the area and each of them refers to the steps.

How to stop white steps on the beach in Elden Ring

To stop the white steps, you must meet them with their chosen weapon. Of course, maybe ask yourself why you beat your open, but there is actually an invisible enemy that is killed with a single beat of your weapon. To catch the steps, you have to be in front of you when you race on you, and then turn the blow from there.

As soon as they have eliminated the enemy, the lights go out and they get an “Ash of War”, which is a sweep capability for their character, which is a “heavy affinity” they can access now. It can be added axes, hammering and swords at each grace location of your choice.

Remarkably, the hidden creature is a “Teardrop Scarab” and you resemble in many ways the “Crystal Lizards” from the Dunkle Seelen Franchise. There are many of the scarabs to find and they drop items that can pick up their character, and generally reward them that they can reach and eliminate them. The beach is definitely an unexpected encounter. So if you know how to get there and what you are rewarded, it will be ensured that your journey is worthwhile through the area to the beach where the Skarab is located.

_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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