Developer’s Will Winn Games Works Multiplayer‘s Action Games “ PLUNDER PANIC ” is currently being distributed free of charge at PC (STeam). The period is until 3:00 on March 1. If you add it to the library during the period, we will continue to hold even after the end of the distribution period.

“PLUNDER PANIC” is an action game that corresponds to a local online match with up to 12 people. It is also possible to mix and play the CPU. Players are pirates and divide into two camps. Both sides of the stage have pirate ships of each side, and there is a land where there is a scaffold in the center. There is a victory where the victory conditions were filled first.

There are multiple victory conditions, one to take a treasure. Aim to bring the treasures present on the central island to the treasure chest of the pirate ship or to collect all the enemy pirate ships. It can also be won by defeating the captain of the enemy camp. The remaining life is set for the captain, and the camp that can not be revived is defeated.

Alternatively, it is also necessary to carry a gun and load it on a cannon on the island, and sink the enemy pirate ship. 3 It will be sinking and sinking, but it is possible to prevent firing if the fever is turned off and after fire is turned off. And the other victory condition is to use a small boat floating in front of the screen, and carry a gunproof on an enemy pirate ship. In any of the methods, both attack and defense are essential to the association.

It is also possible to obtain convenient items in the stage. For example, carry a lot of treasures at once, but the moving speed falls, or a gull feathers that can fly only for 10 seconds. Also, each character shall be a base weapon, but guns and flame bottles can also be obtained. In addition, there seems to be dangerous items that affect the stage environment.

This work has started early access in September 2021, and development is still continued. It is a plan to add new weapons, items, stages, game modes, etc. during the foregoing releases. Also mentioned is the introduction of rank matches and E-sports game modes.

Looking at the user reviews of this work, it is now “very popular” at the moment, but it can be seen that the difficult situation continued from the transition of the number of simultaneous connection players. After starting early access delivery, the number of simultaneous connection players may be two digits, and it has been a single digit (STEAMDB). Although it corresponds to solo and local play, it does not sort as a work that sells multiplayers.

This free distribution will be a matter of hard to break these situations. Fortunately, that was successful and temporarily increases the number of simultaneous connectivity players to 600 people. After that, I keep around 200 people. However, it is interesting to be more reliable, but in the future how to develop and keep the player and will be more involved.

“PLUNDER PANIC” is being distributed free of charge until 3:00 on March 1, PC (STeam). As soon as it is ended, let’s get it now.