A new fallout 76 The update is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. To accompany the launch of the new update, there are notes of the patch, which reveal everything that Bethesda has done in the play. And accompanying the patch notes and the update there is a new season event, the season 8 of the game and improvements in Fallout Worlds. It is an important update and, therefore, it should not surprise that the update also comes with a substantial discharge that varies from one platform to another.

The update on PC is a clean download of 10 GB, if you are in the Bethesda launcher. In Steam, they are 11.6 GB and 17.9 GB in Microsoft Store. Meanwhile, on Xbox and PlayStation, the size of the files is 17.2 GB and 18.1 GB, respectively.

Next, you can find the “highlights” of the update, that is, the most outstanding aspects. And below that, a link to the full notes of the patch that explain every essential detail.

Highlights of patch notes:

  • Aliens Have Landed: Extraterrestrials are here and want to divert our brain waves! Until March 15, join other inhabitants every hour at point to face a new season event outside this world.
  • Starting season 8: Relive your Glory Days within the comfortable confines of the vault while uploading rank and claims new paintings for weapons and armor, Camp objects, a new ally and many more rewards in the marker of season 8.
  • Get score at Fallout Worlds: Continue your seasonal trip in public and personalized worlds by completing challenges to get score, rank up and claim rewards on the bookmark.

PATCH NOTES! Invaders From Beyond, 01 March 2022 - Fallout 76

  • New configurations of custom worlds: Experiment in their personalized worlds with more freedom to place camping objects that cross, the ability to alternate the effects of VATS and Perk Card, and more!
  • Complete patch notes here

Fallout 76 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the Game Fallout online, click here.