Pokémon Go The Alola season is there and with her a brand new Pokémon from the Alola region. One of this Alola Pokémon, which comes on stage, is LycanRoc both in its lunchtime and in his midnight. The question is which LycanRoc form should you choose? And how do you get a LycanRoc? All this and more will be answered in this guide, which LycanRoc form should select them in Pokemon Go.

How to get a LycanRoc in Pokemon Go

I can't stop using Lycanroc Midnight in GO Battle League for Pokemon GO

To get a LycanRoc, you must first get a rock puff. Rockruff is the original Pokémon of the Alola region, which develops into both LyrcanRoc forms. Unfortunately, during the welcome at-alola events rockruff could not be caught in the wild.

So far, there are only two methods to catch a Rockruff in Pokemon Go. The first is through the One Star Raids. The second leads through a 10 km egg. Something great at Rockruff, Lyrcanroc Midday and Lyrcanroc Midnight is the You can all be shiny in Pokemon Go. As soon as you have caught a rock puff, you now have to decide which form of LycanRoc you want.

LycanRoc lunch form

If you want a LycanRoc lunch, then you need to evolve your rock smuff by feeding him 50 candies while the sun rises. The main difference that distinguishes Lycanroc Midday form from his counterpart Midnight shape is his Move Set. Both forms are Pokémon of type Rock and both have relatively similar statistics. Here are the statistics for LycanRoc Midday Form:

  • Maximum CP – 3027
  • Attack – 231
  • Defense – 140
  • Stamina – 181

As already mentioned, the difference is in its individual Move sets. Here is the Move Set for LycanRoc Midday Form:

  • Fast movements
    • Sucker Punch
    • Stone throw
  • charged movements
    • stone edge
    • Drill Run
    • crunch

If you are looking for a search slightly higher Attack and these specific steps to round off your team then LycanRoc Midday form is the right choice for you.

LycanRoc Midnight Form

Similar to LycanRoc Midday shape to get a LycanRoc Midnight shape, everything you need to do is feed your Rockruff 50 Candy and develop during the night. While both forms of LycanRoc are powerful LycanRoc Midnight shape The leg upwards. Here are the statistics for LycanRoc Midnight Form:

  • Maximum CP – 3102
  • Attack – 218
  • Defense – 152
  • Stamina – 198

Here is the Move Set for LycanRoc Midday Form:

  • Fast movements
    • Counter
    • Stone throw
  • charged movements
    • stone edge
    • Psychic fangs
    • crunch

While it has a slightly lower attack WOLWEROCK midnight shape makes it again more defense, endurance and a better rounded motion set. If you are on the market which form by LycanRoc you should choose you Should go with the LycanRoc Midnight form.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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