Oleg Protasov, Vice President of the Ukrainian Football Association, tensed the attack of Russia on his home country. His apartment in the city center of Kyiv he left, “especially as she is on the 14th floor of a construction complex, which is not exactly safety-promoting,” said the 58-year-old in an interview with the “FAZ”.

Protasov, who is currently “in front of the gates of Kiev”, according to their old team-mate Gennadi Lytowschenko, I did not expect that this person would be ready for this step before attacking Vladimir Putin’s.

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Given the war, the exclusion of Russian teams by UEFA and FIFA was “alternative,” emphasized the former USSR international: “It would be unimaginable that under these conditions a Russian team would be a game.”

The Vice President is currently in the background for Protasov. At the moment it is “something outstanding”, to lose a thought of the World Cup qualifier of Ukraine in Scotland (March 24), “especially our focus is on very different things,” he said, “As soon as the weapons rest, we will be deal with this topic. “

Protasov also expressed his “personal gratitude”. From all over the world, assistance and solidarity cessations come: “Ultimately, we have earned this respect and solidarity with our sophistication attitude.”

Protasov also highlighted the initiative of the national player playing abroad, “who collected half a million euros for the Ukrainian army with a donation call”.

Putin had a flash of lightning, “but he underestimated us,” Protasov said, “Russian aggression has led to the Ukrainian people have become a clenched unit that is willing and ready to see their home sacrificing their homeland up to the last breath To defend.”