The Action Game ForSpoken (from 79.98 € for pre-order), which once known as Project Athia, seems to be slightly longer than ever planned. Only at the end of last year Square Enix had actually announced that the release on May 24, 2022 is expected. But according to a well-known leader, it becomes nothing.

The leader is the well-known insider “Accountngt”, which has already proven several times as a reliable source of information from the gaming world. He recently reported to words via Twitter and mentioned, among other things, foresken. “As I’ve learned from a source, ForSpoken was postpoken. This could be proclaimed in this PlayStation event (not sure).”

With “this PlayStation Event”, the insider probably plays at the next issue of Sonys “State of Play”, according to the current rumors, according to the course of March 2022. While this has not yet been officially confirmed as the release shift of foresken. But due to the long list of correct leaks, you should also keep this statement of insider at least in mind and prepare itself as a fan of foresken on it.

What Happened to Forspoken? (Project Athia)

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