The next update of Dead by Daylight is on the way and adds Sadako from Ringu – the Western audience to know the ring – as a new killer. There are now more than 30 DLCs for the asymmetric horror game of Behavior Interactive – which at least doubles the content available at startup. So is it time for a continuation? In an interview with The PC Player 24 confirms Dave Richard, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight that there is no plans for a new Dead by Daylight game.

Dead by Daylight has been there for six years now and we have asked Richard how long the original game is still updated and whether there are any plans for the studio to publish a full Dead by Daylight 2.

“Dead by Daylight is designed as a project and as a team to be supported as long as possible,” says Richard. “If there are players who support it, and a growing community, it makes sense for us to continue to update and support the title instead of going to a continuation. As we saw over the years in the massive visual revision of cards and characters, it is possible with effort and know-how to update a title even in essential points to support it even longer. “

Although there are no plans for a continuation of Dead by Daylight, Richard and the team still seem to plan to update the game in the coming years with new content, and this new Sadako update is only the latest DLC of the team..

Sadako will be included in the list of legendary murderers of Dead by Daylight on 8 March, and next to her as a survivor will be Yoichi, which may remember as a child in the original Ringu films. But he is now admitted.

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Keep your eyes open for more from our interview with Richard, next week.