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Recently, is gaining momentum, along with increasing popularity of simple multiplayer games, such as Wordle or Squabble. Many have heard of this mysterious game, but may not know what it is and how to play it.

What is a screen?

SkriBBL, which is played at the website (which leads to some confusion in the name of the game), this is a game similar to Pictionary. Players can guess that they draw other players, in real time, getting more points depending on how correctly and how quickly guesses were made. Skribble was created by Tice Dev in 2017 in order to make a simple and free multiplayer game in guessing pictures available for both groups and random online players.

How to play Skribble

Skribbl is a multiplayer, that is, players cannot play al1. You can play the game by simply choosing to “play” on the main screen, which will lead the player to the random group to play the game Skribble. Players can also create a separate room where they can configure the game settings and send to friends and relatives a link to join.

All players can guess at the same time while there is a timer. Incorrect assumptions will be shown in a private chat, but if a player fits correctly, a green warning will appear in the chat. Once all rounds are completed, a player who guessed most of the right and rapid guesses, will win with the largest amount of points.

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