The dualsense for the PS5 has received some new colors in recent months. While the first wave had no change except for the exterior, it was now also technically done with the new dualSense colors.

New dualSense model changed critical parts

Like the Youtuber Tronicsfix, which specializes in repairing consoles and accessories, Sony changed something to the dualSense controllers.

Strong pen mechanism : Accordingly, the triggers of the dualsense were adjusted a little. One of the new features of the PS5 is that games can set the intensity of the triggers. This creates a resistor, for example, when pulling the sheet at Horizon Forbidden West, which you must press by pressing, ultimately shut down the arrow. For this Sony uses a spring mechanism, which has now been a defect in some cases.

As TRONICSFIX discovered, it was screwed closely and the feather used is stronger now. In his opinion, the newly built part should be much more stubborn and break less. In addition, however, not only the springs have been improved. The analog sticks are also installed in a new version. Whether this makes the difference against the so-called drift problem, which have some controller, is unknown.

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Not only the new colors affected : If you are annoying you now that only the new dualsense colors were revised, then there is good news. Because the newer models of the old colors also have the improved triggers and analog sticks. The only thing you have to pay attention is the serial number of the controller. Because this ends with an “A”, then the improvements are installed.

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