Mojang Studios released on March 9, “ Main Craft ” integrated version beta version and “Minecraft Preview” version Although the numbers are different, the content content is the same. The Minecraft Preview is a stand-alone application that develops an integrated version of beta program.

As new content of this version, Allay, which is a new MOB, appears. ALLAY is a blue fairy like MOB. At Minecraft Live 2021, there is a history of chosen by user polls as MOBs implemented next. Items can be handed over for Allay. While Allay has an item, there is a habit of playing players. And while he is followed, he recovers the same item as he holds from around. He dropped and delivered under the player.

On the other hand, it is possible to set the receipt of the collected item to another place instead of the player. “Allay has the property of responding to the note block. When the note block is rang nearby, it drops the item collected from the note block for 30 seconds. ALLAY’s spawn location may be captured in the jellyfish in the forest of the forest and in the jail of the forest Western building.

In addition, there were other changes related to Skark. As it is similar to Java version, if MOB dies within 8 blocks of sculk catarist blocks, if MOB dies, experience value is not dropped, so that the pulses of sculk block and sculques are randomly generated. The amount that the sculk block diffuses depends on the experience of death MOB, and may generate a scarquacensor or a scarquish leake at a place farther from the scalk catarist or more. In addition, specifications such as the wool block can block vibration by the wool block where the scal square is no longer sounded in water.

In addition, effects and darkness are also implemented when fighting Waden or when the scarquesty car is reacted. Since a debuff that becomes dark in a certain period is dark, the installation of Matsuaki will be important.

In addition, multiple improvements and corrections are performed. For more information, please check the Mojang Studios official patch note (English).