Overseas Engineer Alexander Simoes has published “ TRADLE ” to hit its country name from the country’s exporter graph on March 7. It is a derived game based on the popular word puzzle game “Wordle”. It is an interesting work that will lead to learning but also for learning.

“Tradle” is a “national trade reasoning game” that can be played for free on the web. From the graph analyzed the export amount of a country, it is a system that is an integral part of which country. This work is inspired by “Worldle” (World Lu), which is an inspired game from “Wordle” (Wordle). In other words, “Tradle” is called “Wordle” so-as a grandson derivative version. Therefore, the system also follows “Wordle” and has a concept such as the trade graph reasoning version of the same work.

When the game is opened, it is a graph of the type called tree map. There is an export amount of the country that is the subject is expressed in an easy-to-understand manner for each item. When the player relying on the graph, if the country’s name is entered, some tips are presented as the home “Wordle”. In the case of “Tradle”, if you enter the country of the lost, it is a mechanism showing distance and orientation to Atari’s country. The player must be deducted with Atari between six attempts.

In fact, I also tried to challenge “Tradle”. The subject is daily, and the subject of the course on March 11 today seems to have exports such as a centrifuge or insulation wire. It is honest. For the time being, when I entered “JAPAN”, it seems to be 9233 kilometers away from Japan, based on Japan, far from Japan, and the country centered on the country. While opening Google Earth, while opening Google Earth, he entered the neighboring country when you reached the neighborhood. However, in the process of organizing geographic relationships and industrial images of each country, the intellectual curiosity was improved. It is a play that can be enjoyed on some sorts of oral assumptions.

“Tradle” is operated on the domain of the statistical site OEC of World Trade Data. The data of the site is regularly updated as a shipping contract certificate in international maritime transportation, “Bill of Lading”. The OEC has developed a project by the Learning Group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it was also the subject of the “Tradle” developer’s SIMOES’s master’s thesis. He is also the highest technical person in charge of Datawheel (CTO) and co-founder who operates OEC. He has some other projects that visualize statistical data. “Tradle” linked to play and trade statistics may be one of the initiatives to make data more familiar.

“Tradle” is delivered for free on the web. Although it has been compatible with English only, the amount of text is not large. Rather, knowledge about trade, industry and geography is tested. If you are in your intellectual curiosity, please touch it once.

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