Arcane Austin develops the cooperative shooter exploits under the patronage of the Xbox Game Studios. The game was surprisingly announced last year and has received a time window for the publication in the same breath.

In the Announcement Trailer was announced as a publication time window Summer 2022, but this seems increasingly unrealistic, since the studio has been rather than the announcement rather conducted by news about exploits, which is rarely a good sign. In addition, there is a contribution to Twitter with advertised developers in leading positions.

Among other things, the following places are advertised:

  • Lead vfx artist
  • Level Architect

  • Senior Technical Animator
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • Character Animation Engineer
  • Graphics Engineer
  • Senior Gameplay Engineer

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Whether the time-friendly publication of exploits is endangered by the lack of staff or not, remains to be seen. It is no longer mystery since Halo Infinite no more secret that the Xbox Game Studios will not back in front of moving games when needed.