Ashes of was in Elden Ring are currently pretty overwhelmed. From software games generally have a story in which the use of magnoven attacks as the “simple” mode was considered. Here it is no different, especially in the overwhelming number of skills and weapons that there are. There is certainly some things that the game can trivialize. Here we discuss Hoarfrost pounding, a very powerful ash of war, and where you get them in Elden Ring.

Where you get hoarfrost pounding in Elden Ring

These ashes of war are available on the pond east of Caria Manor. In the water there will be an invisible runner, leaving footprints and runs on a specified path. Kill the runner and the object belongs to you.

Elden Ring Hoarfrost Stomp Ash Of War Location
Rounding Harfrost can be equipped with all non-unique weapons that you will find during your playback. This means that you can not put this on memorial weapons and dedicated boss drops.

The best weapons to create these ashes of the war are those who already have a kind of passive effect. If you put this on a Katana where blood loss is already built, the addition of Hoarfrost Stomp also increases frost construction. This is only if you select the refrigeration element as an affinity that you want to give your weapon next to the ashes of war.

Frost is an exceptional passive effect that can be combined with blood loss, as this element increases the damage suffered by 20%, which also seems to scales from the health of blood loss proc. The ability is not only extremely strong, but also seems quite strong with one of the most strongest status debuffs in Elden Ring.

The best part is that this ability consumes only 10 FP per activation, so that users can use them a few times without magic.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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