WWE 2K20 Empire of Tomorrow Originals - Full Final DLC

The tragedy of the professional struggle can be wrong, but the waterfalls are real, the muscles are real, the syringes are real and the problems with WWE 2K20 are real. Yet, if you are a fan that has invested in this game, you may be happy to know that the Final WWE 2K20 Originals DLC is now available. It seems that everyone, including 2k, jumps on this hype cyberpunk media. The last of the originals is called Empire of Tomorrow, a futuristic history of hackers, androids and super corporations.

Empire of Tomorrow presents four new history towers titled on The Hunt, Malfunction Detected, Neo-Osaka Security Corporation and Heist of the Millennium. He also adds new characters to play as; Hacker Asuka, Chairwoman Bliss, A-Mech-SA Bliss, Daemon Sonya Deville, Cybernaomi, Anti-Virus Carmella, N14-J4X and Hacker Johnny Gargano. Players can fight in two new arenas and get new clothing options and (I do not mean weapons) “accessories”, which include futuristic blackboard hammers, baseball bats and folding chairs. Apparently, they are always the weapons of choice for wrestlers.

Each original WWE 2K20 is priced at US $ 14.99, but anyone who bought the Deluxe, the Collector’s edition or Backstage Pass can download them for free. I hope 2K worked on this list of problems that torment the game, so as not to lose too many players and keep them for this DLC. WWE 2K20 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Which originals WWE 2K20 has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.