In Russia Ukraine As an aftermath of invasion, Russian sanctions in the world, including the game industry, has spread the precipitation in Russia. It decided to legally allow all patent unauthorized use of ‘non-proportional’ countries.

The US Daily Washington Post said that last 10 days, Russia announced the law to legitimize the purification of patented staff associated with ‘non-Hassi Province’. In summary, it does not compensate for patent unauthorized use, and Russian companies do not have a damages compensation lawsuit even if they use the patent of non-Ho-Hoites without permission.

For reference, the Russian government has been selected as Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea.

This law also applies to the game. UI or UX, such as a mini-map that appears in the game, as well as an action, and a process that can be considered patents both processes, and a process or boss monster pattern that reduces the magnetic field of the battle ground from the NPC appearance. In particular, most major technologies related to the game console are enrolled in most countries, so that Russian companies are unauthorized and copying the Nintendo switch, or making PS5 equally.

According to the Russian state-owned media, Russia is considering the provision of trademark protection laws and regulations without stopping here. In this case, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola Intel, like Apple, Russia’s brand of Russia’s brand with Russia is able to use Russian local companies in Russia. If you are abolished by the Trademark Protection Act, the copyright of the game is also difficult to be protected. The games that have been distributed through steam or Sony, etc., because local companies and generalists can download and distribute games illegally.

While Russia continues to receive an economic outset from all over the world, it is noted that it is noticed that it is actually related to intellectual property rights.