Titan For a long time was a bastion of protection for fire groups in Destiny 2. From their barriers to their bubbles, the whole thing in support of the allies and, as a rule, is to be unnecessary. However, with Void 3.0, Titans can be superthagressive and still get a reward for this.

Aggressive titanium 3.0 void Build

Empty abilities

Watching shield: calls on the light shield of emptiness. Secure with Sentinel Shield to create a protective wall. Allies shooting through the wall receive an increased arms damage, and the allied protection prolongs the shield validity period.
Barricade rally: Create a small barrier through which you can look, aiming in the sight. Increases the speed of recharging weapons, stability and range when you are standing behind it.
Punching shield: After a short run, use this melee ability to apply a destructive blow by a shield, an overwhelming goal. Final blows with a blow shield give supercite.
Empty wall pomegranate: ** Pomegranate, creating a horizontal wall of burning light of the abyss.

Empty aspects

  • Controlled demolition: hitting the target using the ability of the abyss or an unstable explosion makes it unstable. Further damage to the volatile goal leads to its explosion. Restores your health and the closest allies when volatile goals explode next to you.
  • Bastion: Use your super to give supercount the closest allies. The use of your barricade gives you supercile to you and the closest allies and strengthens it, allowing him to slowly restore the superchalter from the allies who hide behind it, and extend the time of the supercount.

Fragments of emptiness

  • Echo Exile: The consequences of the ability of the abyss cause the goals to explode (+10 to intelligence).

  • Echo Retribution: Final blows surrounded by fighters give super energy.

Never Ending Throwing Shield Build!!! Best Destiny 2 Void Titan Build!!!
* Echo Exchange: Final blows in the near battle give grenades energy.

Weapons, Armor and Fashion

Fatal Fang Touch: Empty murders in melee give superer. While Sentinel Shield is active, the murders in the near battle are rechargeed by Shield Throw, which extends your Super when hit.
* Enigma: Boss Special.
* Fashion
* Suppression skill: Effects of the suppression that you create have an enlarged duration.
* Overwhelming Glef: Damage to fighters with your glef suppresses them, not allowing them to use abilities for a short time.
* Unstoppable Glef: Gleb, which you hold in your hands, shoot a powerful explosive, which stuns fighters without shields.

This assembly is fully focused on the disabling of enemies, blocking them by suppressing and intimidation. Thus, Enigma and several mods are mandatory for assembly. But as soon as everything is collected, it will quickly cope with the usual content and will allow players to confidently pass the legendary campaign.

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