Electronic Arts has confirmed that, as Ign, the 2022 edition of its Play Live has been canceled.

According to the company, things “are not fitting” and it will be impossible for them to join all ads on a single date, so their intention is to spacish ads throughout the year, “when the right time comes for each one».

The edition of 2022, by the way, still had no date.

“We love EA Play Live because it is our way of connecting with our community and sharing all our novelties with you,” says the communiqué that the company has sent to the American Middle. “However, this year things are not fitting to be able to teach everything on a single date. There are many things happening in our studies and this year we will reveal much more about those projects when the right time comes for each one ».

EA PLAY Live 2021 Livestream (July 22)

Until the pandemic traversed everything, the EA PLAY LIVE was an annual appointment for Electronic Arts fans that the company organized in Los Angeles, California, on the same dates of E3. Premiered in 2017, the event serves as a summary for the novelties of the main Games of the company, progressively more aimed at fans and some occasion with difficulties to offer information from the same caliber over all its brands. In any case, at the symbolic level it worked: it was one of those events that marked the distance between the large companies and the E3, which until not so much brightened them all and that little by little he was losing names.

Last year, however, the health situation caused EA to bet on a totally digital play Live, and in fact he did not even fall near E3: he was held at the end of July, a month after the ESA fair. The E3 itself will be totally digital this year, and that surely removes pressure on the calendar; It does not seem unleashed to bet more by events as the recent Dead Space, in which it was confirmed that the game will come out in 2023.