Is it justified that Cologne’s Lord Mayor Requires in a guest contribution with us charity for the ESPORT? A topic that the Cologne Lord Esport editors have been employed for years.

Various reasons and arguments speak for it and against it. An interesting thing has raised whether: Without non-profit, no club landscape in Germany could occur at all. There’s something to it. Because only where money is, something can be. But should the German state deploy the money? Since we are right back to the system discussion: social state or market economy and capitalism?

To the aspect, Christian Stöcker has written an exciting column over the “perverted Olympic games” at the “mirror”. Main statement: Professional can only be in sport, whose discipline generates enough attention, so other people can sell things.

Where does the money land?

Swing back to the ESPORT: Every year we report on new growth, more sponsors, greater sales, more giving game developers, more sold T-shirts for teams. With the attention in the esport, therefore, are quite outstanding things. And thus enable professional contracts.

But where does that land many advertising field? In the traditional sport probably most likely to the association, the club, the athlete. In Esport, a large part of the game developer lands, because that usually aligns the leagues.

Examples there are enough: Riots Lec, Nintendos New Pokémon Unite-Series, the Global Series of EA. For the players ultimately there is prize money, which in Germany must be taxed by professionals by the way, sometimes also players contracts. In the LEC, the teams are involved in the profit of the league, but the contracts still makes Riot.

At the Global Series is nothing charitable ton, that’s selfish.

EA does not organize the tournament series (only) of the sporting idea

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Already three years ago, I wrote about that the rejection of the DOSB is no wonder. The Olympic Sports Fedman did not want to recognize Esport as a sport. One main reason: commerciality. In League of Leagues and FIFA there are no associations that align the leagues. It is Tencent, which Lol, Dota, Fortnite and more recently also belongs to Pokémon Esport, partly or completely.

Since the state should pump money? In this huge market? Hard to imagine. At the same time we have a HENNE EI problem here. Only if there are association structures Gäbe, which promoted hären, Könte maybe something independent. An association that offers EA Paroli. But I want to be honest: how likely is it that EA / TENCENT / VALVE allow such a thing? Very unlikely.

The same right for the escort!

The ESPORT represents a sporting performance, in 2022 you do not have to debate anymore. That’s cold coffee. Science, politics, experts, media, all know it better than the DOSB. But tax benefits for clubs who buy with their funds then Fut packs? With the aim of generating more attention, in turn again to get money from sponsors who want to sell things?

You can legitimize that with the argument: but the others can do it too. That’s correct. Under the aspect, we need charitable nature immediately. Maybe the esport is also a cleaner form of today’s sports machinery:

Everyone knows who something wants: EA wants to earn money, with sponsors and sold packs. For this, many people must be achieved. For the former to try things.

For the packs, the target group must see how excellent it plays with the rare promo cards and how great it is to take with a really good (and expensive) team at the World Cup. I mean: That’s why EA sets up a Global Series. There is nothing charitable, that’s selfish. The same applies in large parts for the Olympic Games, but you do not want to believe that yet.

Who brings kids from the street needs support! But…

The small club, which conveys values ​​and gives kids from the road, for the amount of funding and tax benefits correct. The advocates also explain that again and again.

But all the calls should always be clear: there are hardly any ways to control that tax-enhanced club money does not ultimately mean further profit growth for EA SPORTS and Co..

So it is correct to printer the charitableness to demand. Clubs must be able to facilitate donations, save taxes and “for the common good useful and selfless” structures for young people. However, from day one, they are at any time to justify the responsibility of how they ensure that their funds do not land through gambling-fuit packs on EAS account.