Iron Source (IRONSOURCE, NYSE: IS) officially released App Marketing Software ‘Iron Source Luna (ironsource luna “to help app and game marketers to control and manage app marketing cycles in one place.

This launched Iron Source Luna was newly built into the “Luna LaBs” and ‘Bidalgo’, which was acquired by the Iron Source last year, Maximized to make a stronger and efficient solution.

App marketers can easily build various versions of interactive advertising materials, “Luna Control (Luna Control),” Luna CREATE “,” Luna Control (Luna Control), “Luna CREATE”, and distributed to major marketing channels. You can use automated optimization tools and detailed data and analysis capabilities to realize profitable growth.

The Top Creative Officer of Iron Source Dan Greenberg said, “The core of apps-based business expansion is increasingly saturating” app ecosystems, “the core of apps-based business extensions is to achieve progressive growth at all channels,” “New Luna Platform The app marketers can be connected to a single-platform to create an advertising material on a single platform, not only placed on multiple channels, but also to further enhance performance. “

It is also provided with new functions that help you easily track the performance of your advertising material, such as this release. With this feature, Luna-specific creative ID (Lucid) is assigned to each advertising material, and the marketing team can track performance for various versions of advertising on all channels with this ID.

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Through securing such visibility, we can continually optimize the performance of the advertising material and optimize it, and effectively to marketing them effectively, which can successfully lead to gradual growth. In particular, with a single interface across all channels, this platform provides an integrated view of a performance, low performance or low advertising material to ensure that all business teams such as UA and ad teams, do.

The Luna platform is also designed to meet the needs of apps-based businesses and games, regardless of the organizational size and app category. With this platform, a small marketing team can resolve the functional spaces that may occur in the creative, and for large-scale apps-based businesses, you can adjust and optimize your marketing campaigns throughout the various channels and stakeholders.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder Tomer Bar Zeev is the core of “profitable and sustainable app growth, and the irons source Luna is all necessary for app marketers to realize this “This release is a case of introducing” this release proves the strengths of the Iron Source M & A strategy. By combining the functions of Luna Labs and the functions of the rats, it is not only possible to develop a special product that enhances value and strengthen the bond with customers, but also utilizes additional marketing expenditure flows to significantly expand the entire market size (TAM) of the Iron Source (TAM) Explained that there was, “he said.