Ark System Works Co., Ltd. announced that the PlayStation ???? 4 version “Kowloon Vegan Soo Rikawa Origin of Adventure” was released on March 18, 2022, 2022.

Arc System Works Co., Ltd. has launched the PlayStation ???? 4 version “Kowloon Oma Seague Origin of Adventure” on March 18, 2022 (Fri).

This work is released in PlayStation ???? 2 in 2004, and is a unique world view that is a unique world in which youth and mythology and Ocult are fused, and it is still an adventure RPG that boasts strong and strong.
This work with the Nintendo SwitchTM version of Nintendo SwitchTM in 2020 will revive with PLAYSTATION ???? 4! Refine graphics and change the screen ratio of the dungeon to 4: 3 to 16: 9. We also realized full voices of main scenarios with new recording. A system such as “emotion input system” and “AP-turn system battle”, which is the characteristic of this work, can be enjoyed by the Gakuen drama with a modern quality and a Gion Juvnail that enclexes the adventure drama approaching an ancient mystery..
Let ‘s get into the school as a “treasure hunt shop” and leave the adventure to find the “treasure”.
Detailed information is published in the official Twitter, as well as official sites. Please purchase this work from the PS STORE and the store.

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# “Kowloon Sakai Gion Origin of Adventure” Overview

# # Legendary Gion Juvnail Dentary King Tower “Kowloon Sakai Gioni” Relcomed with PlayStation ???? 4!

“Kowloon Sakai (Kuwa Ryu-Ku-Ginki)” is an adventure RPG that has continued to increase fans and continues to increase fans since released in 2004. This work “Kowloon Venue Soo Origin of Adventure” is a masterpiece that Mr. Akira Imai, who is the parent of the genre Javenile Dentist, which will continue to date, is a masterpiece, PLAYSTATION®2 work “Kowloon Sakai Gionaki” It becomes HD remaster work. It will be released in Nintendo SwitchTM in 2020, and the PlayStation ???? 4 version will be released this year.

# # World’s view · Synopsis

A super ancient civilization seized, beyond the humanity… it was called a “treasure”. In countries around the world, there were many people who seek “treasures” that cause them miracles… The protagonist, the leaf, Kiryu (Babari-ku), a young treasure hunter who just belongs to his hunter guild “Rosetta Association” to which a promising treasure hunt shop belongs. He was challenging “Heracleteon Temple” that was buried in the Cairo City, Cairo City, as his first job. He led to the secret associates of the secret treasure “The secret of the treasures of the treasure (Reric Dawn)” and brought one of the treasures to him a new directive. “Japan…… I’m infiltrated in the private Tenka Geno (Kumiyoshi Keikan) in Tokyo, and explore the ruins found under the school building.” Kowloon succeeded in infiltrating the Gion as “transfer student”, and the underground ruins Discover the entrance to Interaction with his friends, fight against the ruins, a fight against the “student party”, the part of the secret society. A variety of mystery, the adventure of the young “treasure hunt shop” begins in many mystery.

# # Game system to advance the story from two parts

“Kowloon Seiko Gionaki” is a high school student ‘s treasure hunter (Treasure Hunter)’ s, and sends a school life (ADV) part and the mystery of the story, a roll-playing (RPG) part that adventures an ancient ruins (RPG) part I will proceed with each other. The scenario is configured in the chapter of the TV anime and proceeds with the chapter, and it is composed of all 13 chapters such as enemy organizations that disturb the treasure hunt and ancient technology.

Adventure (ADV) part

It is a school part that colors unique characters. We newly record newly and realized full voice of the main scenario. The name scene such as “Christmas events” with high praise from fans also became a full voice. The original cast voice actor at that time is re-assembled (only some voice actors are changed). Voices can optionally switch part-voice and full voices freely.

Role Playing (RPG) Part

This is a dungeon RPG that explores the inside of the ancient ruins consisting of 3D maps and solves various mystery and gimmicks. In the battle in the dungeon, you will fight while consuming APs. AP is consumed for movement and attacks, and it is a system called turn change when it is used. Enemy can give significant damage due to aspects, back and weak point parts, and also set the “weak point strength”.

# # Unique system “emotion input system” unique to this work

During sending a Gion life, we talk with various characters, and depending on your favorable sensitivity, a special event will occur. In conversation with the character, the player’s response is the system that selects from “9 emotions (love, joy, burn, miso, horrible, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, horrible, ignoring). It also affects various parameters, such as the other party’s reaction, favorability, and event occurrence conditions, and may also be deployed into another conversation.

basic information

■ Product Title Kowe Senma Gioni ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE ■ Release Date March 18 (Fri) 1822 (Fri) Launched ■ Price 6,380 yen (tax included) ■ Official site ■ rights Indicated © ATlus © SEGA © ARC System Works / Toybox Inc. ALL RIGHTS Reserved.