The long-awaited adaptation to the Magic Mira Harry Potter revealed new information about game characters. While many of these characters will simply be NPC with which you can interact with, some of them will be embodied characters that are part of history. Sebastian Salla which was described only as Slytherin with a difficult family past.

Most of the Slytherins seem to be a rather problematic past, and all this is known from a very specific Slytherin, but at first glance it is not. Shortly after the start of the game, you can meet him and discover that he is charismatic and relatively chatty.

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He will join you in your journey with other characters, such as Natasai Gryffindor, who loves good adventures (like Gryffindors), and Mac sweet from Hufflepuff. These characters will not only provide you with a company throughout history, but also new spells and abilities that will help you become a witch or a wizard on this path.

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