Saturn started a new prospectus on Tuesday evening, where there are also some gaming offers in addition to laptops, smartphones, tablets and computer accessories. With it, for example, a bundle with PS5 controller and Gran Turismo 7 and a cheap PS5 SSD with 20 € coupon. The deals are still running until March 29, unless they are sold out beforehand. Here you will find the overview of all offers:

New Saturn Prospectus: To the offers

Sony dualsense with Gran Turismo 7

The Sony DUALSENSE PS5 controller gets you in the bundle with the racing GRAN TURISMO 7 for 124.99 euros. The offer is in principle for all colors, including relatively new variants such as Nova-Pink, Starlight Blue and Purple. The black version is currently sold out. The shipping is free.

Sony DualSense PS5 Controller + Gran Turismo 7 for 124,99 €

Gran Turismo 7 - Find Your Line Trailer | PS5, PS4
Depending individually, Sony Dolesense at Saturn currently costs 69.99 euros to 74.99 euros depending on the color, the PS5 version of Gran Turismo 7 is 72.99 euros. The discount is around 18 to 23 euros. This is not a huge discount, but for the price-stable PS5 controller and a brand new game still not bad. You find the bundle on the product page of the controller, if you scroll slightly down.

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More gaming offers: PS5-SSD and Nintendo Game & Watch

There are still a few more gaming offers in the Saturn Prospectus. One of the highlights is the Retrokonsol Nintendo Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda, which you already get for 33 euros. According to comparison platforms, the handheld appeared at the end of last year has never been so favorable. Also cheap is the PS5-Kompatble SSD Crucial P5 Plus, where you will receive a 20 € coupon for 1 TB for 1 TB for the price of 129 euros. Here are a few selected deals:

  • Nintendo Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda instead 41,99 € for 33 €
  • Crucial P5 plus SSD 1 TB (PS5-compatible) + 20 € coupon 154,99 € for 129 €
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller + Nintendo Classic Mini USB-C Adapter for 58.99 €
  • Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition instead of 399,99 € for € 349.99

New Saturn Prospectus: To the offers

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