10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
It is a busy period in the world of league of legends. The World Championships are in progress and later in the day, Riot will organize a live stream to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the match. In addition to this, e-sport in Rod “Slasher” Brelau has tweeted that the company will announce a new game of digital cards during live broadcast.

This would be the second new game of Riot lately. _The team combat information was their entry into the genus of self-chess, and now with Legends of Runeterra, they would position themselves to compete with Hearthstone.

The game of digital cards is a delicate kind, and there is no guarantee of success, regardless of the size of your profile. Valve recently learned that when Artifact could not find an audience with its great dota PlayerBase.

Although few things are known _ runeterra_free, we can assume that it will draw from the established League of Legends Character Pool and Tradition for cards, because doing something else would be silly. I am also curious about what platforms the game will be launched if it is announced.

Other rumors circulate after League of Legends Mobile seemed to flee earlier today, so it would make a lot of sense of runeterra_gotherapy to arrive on mobile platforms too.

You will be able to watch the flow on the official Riot Twitch Channel website at 18:00 pm.