Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that Jade Raymond has acquired Haven Entertainment Studios Inc. CEO acquired.

Haven Entertainment Studios Inc., Jade Raymond, directed by the “Assassin’s Creed” series and “Sprinter Cell Black List”, etc., a studio established in March 2021. With more than 60 employees, including developers who have experience involved in the development of “The Sims” and “Rainbow Six Seas” and “Tomrader”, will be joined as the 18th studio of PlayStation Studios doing.

Currently, Haven Studios has developed a live-service large multiplayer title that continues to evolve with each other’s events in the game. With the announcement of the acquisition, Jade Raymond announces the following comments.

Jade Raymond's New Studio Haven is Making New IP Exclusively for PlayStation

With a member of PlayStation Studios, Haven Studios will be able to concentrate on the highest quality game production in this unlikely support system while demonstrating free creativity. We look forward to the opportunity to get many learnings from now on with the wonderful team of PlayStation Studios. While making full use of the overwhelming performance of PS5, I would like to create a new world of the game, such as the player who is moved by the players and can lead to mutual ways.