Square Enix has delivered the latest update Ver. 1.1.0 for online action RPG “ Babylon’s Fall (Babylon’s Fall) “. This update has implemented many additional content such as new map stories, tribes and weapon species.

“Babylons Fall” is an online action RPG by joint development of Square Enix and Platinum Games. Hack & slash elements have been adopted in the game play, and up to four cooperative play is possible. The player is a special appliance that gives you a special force to the selected power, and it will be a prisoner “Chopsticker (Gideon Coffin)”, and it will be a “Sentnel”, and challenged the quest in Babylon, and Get the equipment and enhance the equipment.

In this update, a new story entitled “The Shigoho (Ixion) and Part 1” is added. As a new map of accompanying that, “Babylon Tower: Sealing Area” is likely to appear in the Babylon Tower, which is a conventional main map. In addition, Morzams are added as new races, and new weapon species grateed access also appeared. Besides, new content is a new quest format, a new bridge, and a new content, such as a refinement, and the new content is an update of a wording.

Morzam, a new seed, is an initial equipment, an amezist chip, a unique Gideon Coffin chip. The fixing effect of the chip is that HP recovers with Gat snatch (Got work performed on enemies when knocking down and defeat). In addition, since the ratio of HP can be acquired in the same chip, the ability of the HP can be activated in a certain level, it is a tribe that can be played with deep gauge management.

A newly added weapon species Great Action is a weapon species that is a great attack range and a strong hold, a unique action, and a great success when surrounded by enemies. The strong hold can be activated by entering the Got Work Button (0, B) during the maximum Charge of the heavy attack. Dimaged reduction and super armor effects are given for a certain period of time. The combat style fighting while receiving damage in Super Armor is also compatible with the chip effect of Morzams, which is activated by the percentage of HP gauge.

Babylon's Fall - Official Combat Trailer
Subsequent to the Gantlet, which is a new quest format, and the new brochure. Gauntlet has a special effect on the entire quest. Special effects are fixed for each quest, and details can be checked on the quest selection screen. Special effects are emphasizing a dedicated build because it is emphasized that it is not a simple enemy strengthening, so it should be easy to capture. By capturing Gauntlet, you can obtain powerful equipment, and you can obtain the necessary materials for refinement that is a new breach. Refinement allows for additional effect recovery to one frame for each equipment. Re-drawing by refinement is possible by preparing materials. However, since the frame to be re-lottery can not be changed later, the additional effect frame using refine is carefully considered.

Besides, high difficulty content, duel, and Warlode “Diodorus” appeared in the fierce battle with powerful bosses. Diodolas that appeared in the story are much stronger and returned. The recommended power of quests is also very high in 160 and 200. A confident player will challenge the defeat.

Also, with the addition of new content, various updates have been implemented. The maximum number of characters increases to 3 → 4, and the growth limit of each character is up to the maximum power 150 → 200 / maximum level 20 → 22, etc. In addition, the game balance surface was also adjusted. Once the additional effects of appropriate performance are likely to appear for each weapon category, the adjustment point is diverse, such as a downward correction to be too powerful additional effect. Details on new elements and various updates can be confirmed on this official site.

“Babylons Fall” that was the first large update. There will be a large number of additional content, such as a new story or a new adaptation element, such as a large number of additional content. In addition, the difficulty of the campaign quest is reduced as a happy adjustment to the new player. As the number of potions increases to 5 → 10 and Enemy is weakened, it should be easy to capture in solo. Going forward, we will continue to carry out updates that incorporate such users’ voices as well as new content, so we want to expect further improvement and expansion of this work (related articles).

“Babylon’s Fall (Babylon’s Fall)” is on sale for PC (STeam) and PS4 / PS5. From March 29, a collaboration event with “NIER: Automata (Near Automata)” will be held. The event is limited for a period of time from 18:30 to 17:59 on April 29th.