[DSiWare] Final Visit to DSi Shop
Nintendo has finally made statements on the fact that Wii and Nintendo DSI stores have ceased to be active, without any apparent reason, and have remained thus during the last week.

The stores stopped working on March 16 without prior notice and many users feared that it was a definitive closure that Nintendo had done without warning. The Wii store stopped allowing us to buy new products in 2019, and the DSI store did the same in 2017; But, at least for a moment, the players could download the content that had already been purchased.

Now, Nintendo has publicly recognized the situation related to these stores. As explained by a representative of the company to Kotaku, “the Wii Shop Canal and the Nintendo DSI store are currently suffering from maintenance. We will give more data at a next date.”

The message does not indicate whether the stores will be functional again in some near future, nor when exactly they will, if so.