Despite the performance problems it has _ Elden Ring _ on PC, players simply can not stop modifying each element that the new BromSoftware job presents us. This was something to be expected, but we did not expect the result to be so chaotic. Thanks to a mod, Now Homer can face Shrek while he tries to get the Donate Elden.

Elden Ring but ruined by mods

Recently, the YouTuber known as Toastedshoes, published an appropriately titled video “Elden Ring but ruined by Mods”, which presents a version corrupted by The Lands Between. Here we can see Shrek and Donkey play the Tree Sentinel , Slinky of Toy Story as Torrent, Bugs Bunny on the paper of White-Faced VarrĂ©, and much more.

Toastedshoes used the tools created by Garden of Eyes, another YouTuber, to offer us this corrupted version of Telden Ring. This is not the first time that this player does something similar, since the channel of him is full of similar videos , with his series of Sifu being one of the funniest in recent months.

On related topics, the new patch of trown Ring puts an end to the Speedrns. Similarly, this game still hides many secrets.

Editor’s note:

The MOS always make experience more fun. The content that is created is funny, and I hope this does not stop, I want to see that other cartoons of cartoons appear in this title in the future.