Chevalier hollow fans thought about one thing since the announcement of the hollow knight: Silk vocal in February 2019, and it is at this moment that the game will come out. Well, we still do not know it completely, but if you take the last issue of Edge Magazine, # 354, you will get a good overview of Team Cherry‘s next title.

Not only will Hornet will cover the magazine, but the coverage will also include gameplay details and design changes in the world, new screenshots and hours of interview with Team Cherry.

“The core of the world is mainly the reflection of Hornet: its fighting is so fast… that it changes the way the enemies must be designed” – Abi Gibson, one of the chevalier hollow co-creators and animator / main artist.

Silksong News?! Really? Is that even possible? (Edge Magazine Analysis)
Expect that the fight is much faster with much larger mobility than the initial title of the series.

“Hornet being bigger change everything”. – William Pellen, Co-creator and Lead Game Designer.

The two creators discuss the process of creating a suite based on a new playable character like Hornet. Because of its speed, mobility and increased acrobatics – that you probably know if you played chevalier hollow -The world found in the original game just does not match its set of movements, and so the world of the new game had to be built around the character.

“Hornet can travel so much faster, it can skip higher, it can cover or climb on the edges, it is usually more acrobatic. The caves around it must be expanding to adapt to its size. Gibson told Edge magazine.

The magazine also has a plethora of unpublished screenshots on the game detailing new areas, enemies, the art of characters and a new boss, Trobbio, among many other details.

The HOLLOW KNIGHT: Silk song The story lasts about 16 pages and is worth reading for the fans of the series. You can read the full story by buying the edge # 354 numerically via the Apple Store here.

HOLLOW KNIGHT: Silk singing is the next come from the 2017 Hit Metroidvania, Hollow Knight. It is currently under development for PC and Nintendo Switch.