Is Elden Ring too hard for you? Maybe you feel good for a fighting game? Then you should see this mod for Tekken 7 once. Instead of with Hehachi Mishima or Yoshimitsu, this is the most famous characters from Softwares epic action role-playing game. Whether stained, Melina, Ranni the witch, Potboy (aka Alexander) or lobster, your favorites are all on board.

In the video below, the fists fly properly, because most characters were stolen the weapons. Soul Calibur may have been a better template, says a user, but it is also particularly funny to observe figures like Ranni in a fisting. And now you can see the crazy action itself:

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If you want to try the PC-MOD yourself, you can download the file to Tekken mods.

Tekken producer reports to speak

The character models in the mod look so good that developers ultraboy currently gets a lot of attention – among other things of Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. The special feature: Elden Ring and Tekken are both Published by Bandai Namco, and Harada even served as a general manager of Elden Ring. He refers to the mod in a tweet as “incredibly well done”.

Why your Elden Ring still plays better than RPG, you see in the test video:

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Quality causes confusion: However, Harada also hangs a “Please listen to”. How this is meant, a Twitter user wants to know. The Tekken maker reports that surprisingly many fans keep the PC-MOD for a real-existing project of the publisher. He has nothing against the personal pleasure of the fans, so Harada, but must be considered in the spread that Bandai had already been contacted by fans because of the mod.

What do you mean, Bandai Namco is supposed to get up and develop a real elden ring fighting game?