Through the Official Twitter of the Pokémon Moba we knew yesterday that Azumarill was going to be the next playable Pokémon Unite character. The creature of the second generation arrives and aims to raise some problems to Pokémon Unite players who have to deal with it. However, we still need to know the role of it in the game.

Azumarill, the Pokémon Water Rabbit

To begin with, let’s look at their origins. As we said before, it comes from the second generation , that is, it appeared first in the gold and silver versions. Your number of the Pokédex is 184 and has two pre-revolutions. The first is Marill , which is also present in this generation, unlike Azurill , which is presented as Baby Pokémon in the third generation.

POKÉMON UNITE.. [New Pokemon MOBA Game]

Before the sixth generation and the arrival of the fairy type **, it was only a water type and then became a double fairy / water type. It is a pretty powerful Pokémon if your power ability is combined.

Azumarill in Pokémon Unite

Although it is presented through a fairly short trailer, we were able to have some information about this new character. First, it will be a body-to-body combatant , which makes sense, and its role will be balanced . As for its set of movements, we can see that it will possess a water-like attack that will allow you to inflict additional damage to enemies who are close to it.

Of course, This attack is used to cure in the other Pokémon games so it could be another. You will also have an attack to approach an enemy. This ability could very well be aqua-jet. Your basic attack is a quite standard three-stroke combo.

There are still many things to know about him as the passive ability of him, the level of his evolutions or the distribution of his attacks without forgetting his attack unite. And finally, Azumarill will be available as of April 7 In exchange gems or coins AEO. Are you going to break the piggy bank and buy it or rather try it for free before to have an opinion about it and know if you like it?