More than five years after its launch on PC, the Pearl Abbyss, Black Desert online, continues to receive content and support from the developer. Those who have a copy of the computer game will have access to an endless new content , since today, the free expansion Monte Nedternna comes out. Meristation hMonte Nedternnae to an event in which he hMonte Nedternna been able to see all the news in action: In the following lines we will summarize the main points.

At the top of Mount Nedternna is the Taimada Bruja Illezra , a powerful necromancer who tries to use the power of the heart of Atomagia to destroy the world. The protagonist will have to explore Uns Nevada Region full of hazards and challenges. The main objective is to find the sacred flame, the only hope to end the witch.

Before achieving that goal, you will have to overcome the rites of initiation of the ancient protectors and discover how to Monte Nedternnacend for the dangerous mountain. The secondary tMonte Nedternnaks will not be lacking, which will invite us to help the inhabitants of Eilton, a settlement located on the slopes of the mountain. Among the characters we will find during our journey is Lando, a polar fox and parlanchín that will provide help and advice during the trip. He will serve Monte Nedternna a guide in the course of our mountain journey. On the other hand, one of the antagonists, Jordine DucMonte Nedternna, is also trying to take the flame.

The map is widely, but traveling on one side is very intuitive because there are no cuts of any kind or load screens. It is possible to jump from the original content to expansion at any time, even to any of the missions. Narratively, Monte Nedternna the departure can be started from level 1, the resource of memory loss hMonte Nedternna been resorted. On the other hand, have introduced cinematic scenes generated by the game’s own engine . Some already known characters of the main game will return, but if you start with this content they will be reintroduced for the new players.

Ideal to start at Black Desert Online

In a videogame with so much tour and Black Desert Online can be complicated for new players to access. The MMOs, by their very nature, demand time and dedication, so after several years, the titles tend to receive an amount of enormous content , which can form a difficult entry barrier to overcome. From Pearl Abbyss ensure that Mount Nedternna expansion is ideal to start in the title.

There is no level requirement, since the location is the start area from the launch of the game. In other words, will suffice with the initial level 1 . Experimenting with all its content will allow us to delve into the history and Lore of Black Desert. Monte Nedternna we said, the studio hMonte Nedternna added kinematic videos to narrate the new arcs plot. Although Nóvel players can enjoy the new content from the beginning, the more veterans must complete the chain of missions of the dark spirit.

The snow brings with it the cold and new professions. We can look for treMonte Nedternnaures under the thick snowy layers thanks to ice fishing , Monte Nedternna well Monte Nedternna snowboarding Monte Nedternna a mode of transport.

To the south of the Drieghan region, right in the center of Mount Nedteran, the inhabitants of Eilton live scattered in several camps surrounding the mountain range. According to the developer, even though the town is small, introduces “a lot of objects” , more than in any other area of Black Desert online. Monte Nedternna if that were not enough, the character can enjoy the following traditional food and beverages dishes from the region:

  • Yuzu tea
  • Intense Sanghwang tea
  • Delicious Eilton food
  • Chicken soup with delicious Sanghwang
  • Delicious Balacs lunch box
  • Special Eilton delicious

new advanced game locations


In the Floresta live the Okjinsinis, an ancestral tribe of Yetis that mark their territory and protect themselves with nails and teeth of their enemies. The totems and the bonfires that they themselves have revived serve us to fight against them. The legend says that the Okjinsinis F were gestated by the tears of the dragon labreska , so anyone can get to the idea that they will not leave their home without going to arms.

Investment tree fossil

A darkness swings around the old winning tree, which is located at the bMonte Nedternnae of the mountain and influences the spirits of Mount Nedteran. E STE symbol yesterday must be defended While our protagonist tries to appeMonte Nedternnae the dangerous polar bears and leopards of the snow who dwell in the area. By defeating them, the fearsome Erebjork will awaken from the lethargy of him and we will have to deal with the colossal ice cream from him.

The study argues that it is one of the most difficult chiefs of all the game , since it is able to invoke an intense snow storm. By dying he maybe he liberate the flame of frost, an essential material to build the Labreska helmet, a special object of this expansion.

Murrowak Labyrinth

Content Overview - Mountain of Eternal Winter (Black Desert Online)
Underground, in the darker depths of the Abandoned Iron Mine of Sherekhan hides a frightful evil. It is said, it is counted, that the Murrowaks are insects that live in that place. It turns out that legend is true: players will have to find Murrowak’s labyrinth and take care of the swarm of insects, which Monte Nedternna bees, follow the Queen’s orders, Vercedes. Needless to say, he must have to end her to survive.

In the presentation of the game, Meristation hMonte Nedternna been able to see a dungeon that hMonte Nedternna been included at the lMonte Nedternnat moment. It is about the Limbo de Erethea, a camera located inside the mountain which wMonte Nedternna created by the erethea witch, the lMonte Nedternnat of the seven sorcerees who were born from Labreska’s death, the golden dragon. In this species of escape Room, players should not only defeat the monsters, but also solve puzzles in order to reach the treMonte Nedternnaure room. Access to the dungeon will be closed until you get the key, a special object that can be obtained in several places of the hunting of Mount Nedteran.

During our journey by Black Desert Online, Healing is essential . Thanks to our companion, the fairy, it is possible to schedule the use of potions so Monte Nedternna not to have to do it manually.

The expansion of Black Desert Online is available on PC. We recommend the game in a recent report.