While the long-awaited live-action aureola the television series has undoubtedly been a great success for paramount + the long time reaction AUREOLA Fans have been slightly mixed. The program has adopted a slightly different approach to the material of the classic game of what many expected. Many fanatics still appreciate and enjoy what the series is trying to do, but there are others who have openly expressed their frustration with the way things are handled.

Pablo Schreiber, who plays the master chief in the new series, is taking a while to respond to the fans. In a new Instagram publication, Schreiber went to the fanatics who loved and supported the program during his first two episodes. He also took the opportunity to talk to people who have not been as fond of the new material, saying that he still respects them and loves them too, and that he will continue to work hard to make a aureola that everyone can be proud.

“Many thanks to all those who have supported our program,” Schreiber wrote in the publication. “We went the second part of entertainment most reproduced in the US. UU last week, behind the Oscar winner for the best film. [Coda] And the most transmitted in Canada! With many more territories arriving at [Paramount +] Soon, [halo] is now officially a great success, and soon it will be a world phenomenon! For all fanatics who have been waiting for this moment for so long and for newcomers who have responded with such overwhelming support and love, I am honored and honored to be at the service of this incredible universe and tradition. “

“For all the ‘fanatics’ who are against the local team, they hated the program before seeing it and they do not agree with what we are doing, I respect their opinion and I also love them,” Schreiber added. “Because the truth is that we love the same. And I will continue working hard every day to make this show the best version of itself, to draw attention and respect for this ». [Halo] universe we love. For all of us…”

‘Halo’ Star Pablo Schreiber on Molding Himself into Master Chief

The first two episodes of aureola have already been released in Paramount +. The third episode makes its debut in the transmission service on Thursday.

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