Players of Valorant can customize their weapons, putting on it skins, animation and amulets. These cosmetic items can be purchased at the store for in-game currency, and sometimes they can be expensive.

Approximately every two months, developers are satisfied with a limited duration, on which players can buy skins at a lower price. Discounts and skins are randomly distributed between each player when it opens cards. However, No opportunity to update the night market if you do not buy items .

Bought items will generate a new map instead of them, which you can choose to open the next random deal with the skins. It makes the entire idea of the night market somewhat limited, because you may not like the skins offered to you. This process can be improved by implementing the possibility of daily update items to increase the chances of players to get the desired cosmetics.

How to access the night market in ValoRant


When the sale begins in ValoRant, you can access it by clicking the “Night Market” tab on the main menu screen. It will be located in the upper right corner of the screen next to the “Shop”, as shown in the image above. After that, click on each of the six cards to open a random transaction for you.

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