Several years ago, when Youtube was still in the infancy, viewers were able to rate videos depending on their quality with up to five stars. The old system sometime sometime a simple, in which one decided between likes and dislikes, so: I find the video good or not?

But in November last year, this system was adapted: Although there are likes and dislikes on the video platform, but dislikes are only available for creators and no longer visible to viewers. A change that caused tumult and trouble: many were of the opinion, create an artificial system in which externally exists only positive feedback.

YouTubes CEO Susan Wojcicki is behind the decision

Confronting the CEO of YouTube
Due to the disguise of the dislikes, no longer can be seen what the viewers of a video keep from content. Legendary marketing catastrophes such as the overview trailer to Nintendo Switch Online or the announcement of Pokémon Unite with their oppressive ratios of Likes and Dislikes are history.

But also with regard to other categories such as tutorial videos, it is now much harder to understand for viewers, whether it is good or rather moderate instructions. For YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki are the little sacrifice. In an interview with the well-known YouTube star Ludwig, she talked about the decision.

It relies mainly on the original decision to protect smaller creators: _ “We knew it would be controversial. We have to do that what is the right thing for our ecosystem as a whole. I understand that there were people – Many people and yes, we have heard them loud and clear – why some were unhappy with the decision. “_

“But we also saw what follow [the old system] had on new creator and that was bad. We have to and will continue to support small creators and how they grow. This is important for the durable health of our ecosystem. With decisions like this I know that it will be hard, but we are just fighting. “

According to the outcry, it did not last long, the residual viewer worked on external solutions to bypass the Dislike removal . Meanwhile, there are numerous tools that allow you to take out the change so viewers can see how well videos arrive.

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