Pokémon is now over 26 years old. In addition to the games, the anime is considered one of the most popular products of the brand – and according to some fans, this has become even better over time.

What makes Pokémon better today?

Most Pokémon fans who have noticed Hype in the 90s and early 2000s will still remember the first two seasons of the anime. Fans could accompany ASH on his journey to become the very best – with the game of course Pikachu, Misty and Rocko.

The latter is now criticized by a parent on Reddit that he often sexualizes female characters in the series. In contrast, Pokémon travel, the 23rd season of the anime, a much nicer series for children.

Thus Tester33333 writes from Reddit that it is hardly fought in these episodes . The focus of the series is that the two protagonists, Ash and Goh explore the various Pokémon. (Source: Reddit / Tester33333)

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Do fans agree?

Actually, one could expect from the Pokémon community that they defend the first seasons except for death and give no criticism. After all, nostalgia is a decisive reason for the games even overwhelming to sell today.

In the subreddit, nothing can be seen from this defensive attitude. The post office in subbreddit is rewarded with awards and other fans share their enthusiasm about Pokémon traveling in the comments. But a fan but break a lance for Rocko . In the defense of the Arenaliter, he was said that he is very different in the manga and in the games. Well, at least he does not harass there!

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