A dirty business is in the headlines at this time within the Chinese community of League of Legends. According to the allegations of his ex-girlfriend, Tang “ Huanfeng ” Huan-Feng, ADC of Weibo Gaming, but above all World 2020 finalist with Suning , I would have tried to poison his former team for a simple story of bottles of alcohol and stolen water.

of light to scandal

Huanfeng’s story is special. Starting from nowhere, he was able to ascend among the best players in his region and inspire respect thanks to him who took him to the end of the world championship in 2020 **, although it is true that the final lost it before Damwon Gaming

At the end of 2020 a first scandal broke out against him. Accused by his ex -Novation of having cheated her during the World Cup – who later he published a message on Chinese social networks as well as photos showing the players flirting with others – the ADC had decided not to participate in the All-Star of LPL 2020. If we thought the story was closed, it turns out that this is not really the case.

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Recently, it’s the ex-government to publish new accusations against Huanfeng at Weibo. According to him, he abused her verbal and physically, he denied that he already had a girlfriend and threatened to poison all of her team because Huang “ Fenfen ” Chen (Suning Exenitor) drank from her water.

The reason was that Huanfeng said that the water he bought often disappeared and one day he discovered that Fenfen had taken his bottle. He then supposedly sent a threatening message that said:

_ “F * ck, my water disappeared. I turned around and I noticed that Fenfen had my bottle at his desk, I always noticed that my water disappeared without reason… […] I do not want to stop talking about that, it is Stupid. These things tire me. I’ll be honest with you, I’m going to buy venom for rats. I’ll wait until they fall asleep, I’ll turn off the surveillance camera and I’ll put some poison for rats in the water . Pay these bastards. The pesticide can also work with this trick. “

Fenfen Then he responded to the former girlfriend with a photo of 10 bottles of water with the title _ “without words” _, a message he eliminated since then.

These statements burst to the LPL community with a series of criticism against the player. We can not affirm or refute these accusations, but the case seems serious if it is accusations of abuse or poisoning. It is expected that officials act and carry out an investigation to discern the right thing about the incorrect , but above all that they act accordingly.