In a few weeks after a long wait, the starting signal for the fourth season of the Mystery series Stranger Things is finally falling. The remaining waiting time wants to distribute the streaming service Netflix with the final trailer .

This shows the final trailer to season 4 of Stranger Things

Stranger Things 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

In the video you get both some already known as well as completely new scenes the Season 4 of Stranger Things to see. As already the previously published trailers have guessed, the producers of the series in the new episodes are still stronger on horror elements and a very gloomy atmosphere . It is even from a war the speech that threatens to break through Hawkins and appears to be originating everything in the parallel world “The Upside Down” . Towards the end of the trailer is also a hitherto unknown being that seems to play an important role. Some fans already speculate that it could be around a kind of ruler from “The Upside Down”.

In addition, the final trailer shows that most characters from the previous seasons are on board again this time. This ranges from the clique around Mike, Dustin, Will & Co. to Eleven and other already known figures. By the way, the Jim Hopper misses towards the end of Season 3 also returns.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is divided into two

The starting signal for the Season 4 of Stranger Things falls on 27 May 2022 exclusively at the streaming service Netflix. However, not all new episodes will be on a blow. Instead, the showrunners decided to divide the season in two blocks . However, you do not have to wait too long, because the second block already appears on 1. July. After that, by the way, it is not over, because there is already green light for the season 5.

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