If you are in possession of a PlayStation 5, you are also owner of at least one dualSense controller. The console is only about one and a half years old, but the controllers have done a lot. Whether you have caught an old or a new model, you can check yourself.

PS5: Just turn your controller to

The PlayStation 5 dualSense controller offers numerous innovations in contrast to the PlayStation 4. Especially the adaptive triggers make the gaming experience even more intensively. However, after about one year fans report on the first problems. For example, analog sticks should begin to drift and trigger trigger. Sony has worked on it over the last few months. Therefore, two models of the dualSense controller are now in circulation .

The new model is less prone to the drifting sticks and trigger triggers, as Youtuber John Glasscock reveals in a video. He also shows how you easily recognize the respective models. You just have to turn your controller over and take a look at the serial number. With the old models the number 1 is very at the end. In the improved you will find the letter A at this point instead.

_Im video shows you Glasscock exactly what you pay attention to: _

PS5: Which dualSense controllers are already improved?

If you have already caught a PlayStation 5 in winter, you will have an old version of the controller. Improving the controllers began at the latest with the introduction of the new color variations such as Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. Here you should definitely throw an eye on the serial number .

You can assume the latest controllers in the colors Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple, that you already have an improved model in the hands .

Everybody wants some color in life? How about pink: _

Dolesense Wireless Controller Nova Pink [PlayStation 5]

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If Your PS5 Controller Says This.. Return It

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