More known to be the CRPG Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Plascape Torns), the Beamdog Studio changes registry at the time of announcing an original project with Aspir Media Editor.

MythForce - Your *NEW* Favorite Old School Cartoon! (30 Minutes of Co-op Gameplay)

Mythforce is not the first game to want the spirit “cartoon from Saturday morning” but it must be recognized that Beamdog artists have put from the heart to the book, especially with this stisterish of generic more true that nature. Presented as a roguelite, Mythforce is an action-RPG of fantasy in subjective view that will make its debut as early as 20 April at EPIC Games Store for the equivalent of $ 30.

Four heroes will be playable as part of this first chapter entitled BASTION OF THE BEASTLORD, but other episodes will be added to the program before the official release that should take place in one year, the time the development team is based on the comments of the players.

If we can start in its colorful solo dungeons, Mythforce is however adened for cooperation up to 4 players, to simultaneously enjoy the skills of the chivaling Victoria, Rico thief, Mage Maggie and Hasseur Hawkins, gathered to overcome the forces of evil vampire deadalus.

Let’s add to the passage that Aspy Media, which is part of the group to hire, has just announced that he found an agreement for the acquisition of the Beamdog studio. Founded in 2009 by Trent Oster and Cameron Tofer, veterans of Bioware, the Canadian studio has 80 people in its ranks.


Mythforce – Cinematic Trailer


Mythforce – Gameplay Trailer