Have you been good this year? Even if it is not the case, you always have the ability to add _ftl: faster than the light to your digital game collection if you have an EPIC Games store account.

Epic Games Store Is Bringing Back MYSTERY GAMES! | Christmas Giveaway 2021
EPIC GAMES STORE offers _MUSE quick that the light of 12 days of Christmas, offer every day a new game to all those who have a showcase account. All you have to do is connect, claim the game and you are ready to leave. You have until the end of the day to get it back before the next game.

More fast that the light is a spatial vessel simulation of the voyou type where you venture through a galaxy full of mistrust, glory and many difficulties. Developed by Sinset Games, players control all crew members and entrust them with tasks inside the ship, such as the empowerment of shields, engines or weapons of the ship.

Things can easily become a little risky, so make sure you keep track of all your crew while crossing the galaxy trying to prevent the fleet from continuing you.

The next game on Epic Games stores will come out tomorrow, and the current symbol is a strange headset. We will not officially know which game it represents before it exit tomorrow.

You need an EPIC GAMES store account to claim and download the game.