Followed since early 2019 by a few thousand contributors on Kickstarter, Chained Echoes is close to a launch date now scheduled for the end of the year 2022 on PS4, Xbox One, SWITCH and PC. Behind this charming 16-bit RPG, a solo developer named Matthias Linda.

Accompanied by the Deck13 Spotlight label, which may hope to reconnect with the success of a crosscode, Chained Echoes is revealed in a new trailer suggesting all the efforts of the author to find the charm of the RPG. 16-bit. Mixture of fantasy and science fiction in which the dragons fly as low as the Mechas, Chained Echoes takes place on the continent of Valandis, where the rumor says that a weapon of mass destruction would be seeing the day on these lands already ravaged by the war for generations.

The player follows the adventures of a group of heroes in the hope of putting an end to the conflicts that oppose the three kingdoms of Valandis. On the 50-hour game announced, a solid art pixel, turn-based fights, visible enemies outside the fighting or a customizable aircraft. Note that Chained Echoes will be located in French.


Chained Echoes - Release Window Trailer

Chained Echoes – Trailer