In the world of fourteen days you will be commissioned weekly to face new and exciting challenges to help you get a large sum xp against the use ** and level it.. You will also be able to complete daily missions to help you collect massive XP!

For some of these missions, however, you have to search on the map and try to find certain elements that you can set up on the map on the map io forces/the seven fight, which is currently raging in the history of this chapter. Fortunately, you don’t have to search too far, because we are here to help you find out where you have to look for Set up Recon Cameras to get more information about the IO Doomsday device! Dive right away!

Fortnite-Where you set up reconnaissance cameras to obtain more information about the locations of IO Doomsday devices

If you immerse yourself in the map, you should start near the northwest near . You will be able to find five different spots to set up cameras here so that you can choose where you want to go with regard to the enemy density. Fortunately, you just have to set up a total of three cameras ** so you don’t have to search further after you have found some of you.

The first one we will talk about is almost directly with the south Ost of this building, where you can find a camera hides with a tree So you only have to go to the largest tree and Find the white outline of A camera and hold the action button pressed for a few seconds to completely set it up.

Set up Recon Cameras to get more info about the IO Doomsday device Location - Fortnite

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From here you should make your way southwest and make your way to the large selection of trees that exist in this area. There is another camera hidden here that is easiest to see.

The next camera will be on the small island northeast- of the building. You should take a look nearby coastline near the south of the island, and there is another camera hiding out here that is waiting to be set up.

You want to go east and on the top there is another camera hill This is with a view of the small hut. It is near Wachturm, If you are looking for this place near this place, you can find this camera well.

The last one that is available in this area is near the coast, in the northeast of the Wachturm. If you go north from the red crane ** on the buildings in which we have landed, you will see it and snap directly and immediately.

And off you go! All 5 camera locations were found so that you can choose the best and continue from there to claim a big one xp bonus for your Battle Pass!

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Fortnite: Where you set up reconnaissance cameras to get more information about the IO Doomsday device