If you have been there for a long time Pokémon Go players, the Pokémon Goplus was almost a revolution when the market came onto the market for the first time. While it is still a very practical option for those who want to get more Pokémon and objects in their hands without having to get their phone out, there are some more options that help you get ahead even faster.

Enter the world of Auto-Catcher devices that can rotate Pokéstops , catch Pokémon and more without having to interact with them. There are some problems with the use, mainly as in the stated Niantic usage conditions, these devices have been used for years without serious consequences. While car spinning and auto-catching are technically considered replicate these elements the software side of the Pokemon Goplus ** to perfection so that you can continue and use it.

After all of this, let us clear what makes it great and which is best suited for your Pokemon Go adventure!

Pokemon Go – which car catcher should you buy?

caught and develop go-tcha-$ 29.99 and $ 49.99

If you are not afraid of wearing your passion on the wrist, you can take the dates go-tcha or go-tcha developed for a turn, no pun. You can connect them directly to your Pokemon Go account and, with the possibility of setting it directly into the campaign Automatically and manual Options for Pokemon Capture or Mystery Pokemon. If you want shiny check Before you catch, you will love the fact that you can change the functioning of this device.

The standard caught has a small black and white screen with a simple one-button navigation. You can press once to leaf through your settings or hold down to set one of the two automatically or manually mode. Develop the Go-Tcha, On the other hand, it has a nice full color display, a way to follow your steps, and the same functions as the previous model. Both are a great grip, but develop the additional functions and the special app for the go-TCHA, Make the additional pair of dollars to get one that is worth it in this case.

Ei Catchmon GO – $ 74.90

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Simply the sweetest car catcher, the egg catchmon go is a great car catcher that also acts as a fashion accessory. Although it is large, it offers a wealth of different sound and vibration options, so you always know when something is going on. If you are on a hike or just on a walk, you can put this on a backpack, a belt loop or wherever to ensure that you catch Pokémon everywhere.

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The Egg Catchmon Go will also make noises and vibrate if this is the case The connection to the game is lost , which is unique for this car catcher. Most, if not all auto-catchers, are separated after roughly automatically so that they hear a signal tone that informs them about when it is time to connect with the game again. In contrast to the previous entry in the list, you must control your settings directly in the Pokemon GO-app , which is easy enough. The high price could deter some players, but the functions and the strong connection make this a great contender on one of the best auto-catchers on the market.

Dual Catchmon GO – $ 79.90

Take everything I said about the previous device and double it. Right that Dual Catchmon Go can connect two devices at the same time , so that several players can receive the rewards that an auto-catcher brings with it. If you and a friend, partner, husband or a wife are enthusiastic Pokemon Go players, this is the epitome for you. You can connect it to A again individual button print and hear noise, feel vibrations and more.

final thoughts

If you are an enthusiastic Pokemon Go player and want to show your pride in the game, you should invest in one of these great car catchers. If you like the idea of having a small screen that keeps you up to date, the Go-Tcha and Go-Tcha are developing are great options that are also very inexpensive.

If you are looking for a cute, physical object that does all this work for you, with sound, vibration and a great look, then the egg catchmon go is a great option. If you want to love the look and have your own physical egg -incubator that you can carry around with you, you can’t go wrong with this.

Finally, if you have several players in your household and want to include the Dual Catchmon Go the only element you need. Thanks to the excellent battery life and feedback, you always know exactly what is going on with your auto-catching adventure.

If you are looking for other objects that help you in Pokemon Go, you will find our opinion on Pokemon Go Plus and some other important accessories that will support you on your trip!

Pokemon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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