Arclight Rumble allows players to receive gold for free, as well as for real money. However, you can buy only a certain amount of gold in a mini-store. If you want to buy a bunch of gold to buy many miniatures, you are not lucky.

The mini-store has three different offers for additional gold for the players:

* Daily coin loss – 20 (available every day)

Coin bag * – 500 gold (available once a week)
chest with coins * – 800 gold (two are available once a week)

Over time, there may be more additions, but so far these are planned amounts. The mini-store drops them every Sunday. What we know is that there will be no more than three ways to get more gold every week with the help of microtransactions, but they will be as limited as shown above.

Currently, it is 2240 gold per week which players can earn outside the game. This is quite limited, and it is strange to see how the game limits the amount of money that someone can spend on it. It seems that the game gives paid players a little more, but not enough to be considered Pay-to-Win. For this reason, you really need to play Warcraft Arclight Rumble if you want to succeed.

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