The Nine Dots studio and the Prime Matter publisher have confirmed that Outward: Definitive Edition will be available on May 17 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.
A new opportunity to look at this open -world role -playing game which has been able to find its audience since its release in December 2020.

OUTWARD: Definitive Edition – Release Date Reveal Trailer
In addition to including the two extensions that are “The brothers of the late” and “The Soroboreans“, this final edition is accompanied by a new balancing whose main lines are explained on Steam.
In the same way as the PS4 and Xbox One players, PC players will obtain the final edition of the game without additional cost if they have at least the basic game and the additional content “The brothers of the late“.
A new trailer is available to wake up your explorer instincts and your taste for effort, Outward not being renowned for a health walk.

Outward: Definitive Edition – Trailer Release date