In the “Lost Ark” Unknown island is adventure island to which you can access only at a certain time of the day. You can find an island in sea of heaven between continents Shushir and Feiton . On this island, you can find a total of three Mokoko seeds.

If these seeds are detected, they have a dark green color, but then glow bright yellow/green. Look where you can find all three Mokoko seeds on an unknown island below.

As soon as you arrive at the island, you will fight or with the beast King of Darkness or beast King Light to receive awards. When you look for the bosses of the island, you will stumble upon these three seeds of Mokoko, hidden in trees and foliage. We indicated exactly where you can find them on the map below.

As soon as you find these seeds, you will get closer to the receipt of all 49 Mokoko seeds located in North Sea Porikon .

Unknown Island All Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

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