Recently, People Can Fly introduced several new types of weapons that will appear in Outriders when the WorldSlayer addition will be released on June 30, 2022.

in Outriders WorldSlayer will appear new weapons

Deathscape – legendary assault rifle

Deathscape comes with the legendary Stigmatized mod. Successful shots apply toxicity and a five -second mark. The murder of the enemy’s marked makes him explode, causing damage within a radius of 10 meters and laying a mark on enemies within the radius of the explosion.

Sunfall-legendary submachine gun

Sunfall comes with the legendary Firestorm mod. Successful shots cause a homing fiery storm that inflicts damage and causes burns. The radius of the fire storm increases with each successful shot.

vortex – legendary automatic sniper rifle

Vortex ASR is supplied with the legendary Slacing Twister mod. The shots create a tornado that causes damage every 0.5 seconds, and over time its effect intensifies.

Three BRAND NEW Legendary Weapons revealed | Outriders Worldslayer

Cool Spear – legendary double gun

Charred Lance comes with the legendary Death Ray mod. Aiming in the sight forms an abnormal beam that causes damage when it hits.

myths – legendary hand machine gun

Mythos comes with the legendary Omen mod. Shots launch an anomalian shell that breaks the shelter and causing bleeding. In addition, he applies a status that increases the damage by 30% by three seconds.

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