Activision has published some news about Call of Duty: Project Aurora today. The team addresses all players directly in the following words:

“Our mission with Project Aurora, the code name for our new mobile game is to bring friends, families and people around the world in a global community of various players: to bring together with a rapid, precise, precise and high-quality battle royal action experience that offers a whole new way of playing. ”

“The game is still under development and we are in the middle of the first game test of the closed alpha for Project Aurora.”

“This has a limited number of participants and is only available via a direct invitation so that we have an easy start with the improvements and stress tests during games and can identify and remedy mistakes. We also collect feedback and insights into all aspects of the game when new features go online. The content of the closed alpha from Project Aurora is not final, we will only be happy to inform you of the release date as soon as we have decided on it. ”

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Game Codenamed Project Aurora Revealed - Activision gaming news

“We are working hard to create the best gaming experience around the world for all players. That is why we look forward to sharing this trip with you, so stay up to date for further updates! ”