For many players, it is clear after two and a half months of stay in the intermediate: Malenia is the heaviest boss of Elden Ring . The self-proclaimed blade from Miquella has already sent countless stained into the hereafter and, despite resourceful jug tactics, may continue to be one of the greatest challenges of the software history.

The red -haired valkyrie is even so feared that with the bare hero “Let me solo here” she created her own, living legend. Only recently streams of the dedicated Malenia killer his 1000th triumph over the boss at the bottom of the halig tree. But despite its strength, we are certain: Before this impressive Malenia cosplay, even let me solo respect.

a mane like fire: Malenia cosplay from Elden Ring

Cosplayer Fox_Mellis has made every effort to bring the fearless warrior to life and did a truly convincing work: the side perspective, apart from the impressive, winged helmet, the arm prosthesis in which Malenia has installed her sharp sword.

Her red hair, on the other hand, act like the blazing fire that burns inside the valkyrie when she plunges into one of her many fights. And last but not least, FOX_MELLIS chose an extremely suitable background for her Cosplay : There rises reddish steam, which is like the rotting clouds that creates Malenia with its attacks in its second phase.

other impressive cosplayers

Let me solo her. 3rd summon solo Malenia

Malenia is by no means the only cosplay candidate who impresses us with her fearless will to win on the battlefield. For example, this cosplay of the explosive Jinx from the League of Legends series Arcane has some tricks in store to shoot the enemy and its powder in the air.

And even in a wide, distant galaxy, you don’t get very far without courage and fighting skills: This is not only demonstrated by this cosplay of the Star Wars protagonist Rey if you are again with her light sword skills kylo ren on the dark Page of the power, but also this cosplay of a Twi’lek head money hunter, who finally earns a living with nimble fingers at the trigger.

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